Tips for Parents

  • Check your child’s cubby to verify that his/her clothes and blanket are according with the weather
  • If your child uses diapers, he/she uses approximately 4-5 diapers per day. We suggest to bring enough diapers for two weeks, and perhaps you could mark your calendar the 15th and 30th of every month as “brings diapers day”.
  • Toothbrushes should be renewed a very 3 months.
  • Label your child’s clothes, toys and personal items.
  • The center recommends parents refrain from bringing toys from home. We understand that sometimes it is difficult, but we really appreciate your cooperation. We also appreciate that you encourage your children to not take Busy Bee Daycare’s toys home.
  • We recommend that you dress you children with “play” clothes that are appropriate for crafts and playing outside. Also, we advise you to label your child’s clothes so we can identify and return them.

Pick-Up Tips

Sometimes children are not ready to go home when parents pick them up, and we would like to give you some ideas:

  • Have a routine. For example when you arrive tell your child: “We are going to clear up and say bye to your friends and teachers”. Do it even if/she cry. Children need limits and after a couple days they will know what you are going to do every day.
  • If you decide that you want to play with your child before you leave, we ask you to please not to stay more than five minutes. The reason is that the other children get very distracted trying to get your attention and it is difficult for us to continue with our class routines.
  • You child has been doing class work and playing in Busy Bee Daycare all day, so we suggest you to have you special time with your child, maybe take him/her to a park or plan a special activity.
  • Remember that you are the ones that set the rules and limits to your children and they need that in order to feel secure. Even if they said “NO”.
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